About us | Gajic Marketing Schweiz

For last seven years we present your products and services in the EU and Switzerland.

We are the leading agency in the field of ethno-marketing. Advertising of products and services are directed toward people from the former Yugoslavia. Just in Switzerland live and work more than 450,000 people the former Yugoslavia. In Austria this number is up to 750,000 and in Germany is up to 1.3 million people.

Tests have shown that foreign citizens watch television programs from the countries from which they came.

Ethno-marketing offers a good possibility of connecting local companies with their compatriots in foreign countries.

Our most important media partner is RTV BN, a leading private TV broadcaster in the former Yugoslavia. Their program is free and is presented in the most important cable networks in Europe.

We have also established good cooperation with RTS (Serbian state TV), Pink TV

(leading private television station in Serbia) and Z1 (private television station from Croatia).

In this way we have covered Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian population that lives in Switzerland and the EU.