With more than ten years of experience in Marketing and Ethno marketing, Gajic Marketing is a leading marketing agency for ethnic target groups from the Balkans and the former Yugoslavia in Switzerland and the countries of the European Union.

We are the only Marketing agency in Switzerland that covers all ethnic groups of the Balkans, Serbs, Croats, Bosnians and Albanians for more than ten years. We support companies in Switzerland and the countries of the European Union in attracting new people from the former Yugoslavia, and also in retaining existing customers.

We are working with the five largest TV broadcasters that broadcast satellite TV programs from the Balkans for the territory of Europe.

Our main partner is RTV BN, we are their exclusive representatives for Switzerland and the European Union. It is one of the largest private television stations in the former Yugoslavia and the Balkans. RTV BN is present in all major cable networks in Switzerland and the countries of the European Union.

We are able to offer to our clients all kinds of services, from consultations, production of advertising spots to placement on one of our partner TV Emitters. Together with our clients, depending on which ethnic group they are targeting, we choose TV Emiter through whom we will place an advertising campaign.

Contact us and save your time and your money.

Ethno marketing

Ethno Marketing is a special form of market segmentation in which the target segment is an ethnic group or minority.

In Switzerland live 500.000, in Germany 1.300.000, and in Austria 750.000 people from the territory of the former Yugoslavia.


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We are able to offer production of advertising spots to our clients
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